Saturday, November 7, 2009

Coping statements

“All that a man achieve and all that he fails to achieve is the result of his own thought – James Allen”
The ability to create coping statements (self talk) is a very useful mind skill for managing stress. You are free to choose your thoughts. But the choice you make today will determine your future.
We need to cope with
      -Our negative emotions such as anger, fear, worry and guilt
      -failure, loss, 
      -life events such as illness, death 
The goals of coping statements are,
      Calming you
      Motivating you
      Restoring your self-worth

Coping statements are effective if
      It is specific
      It is practical
      It is realistic
      It is personal
      It is brief
Coping statements are not effective if
      It is rigid
      Create any side effects
      Criticizing you/others/situations badly
      Blaming you/others/situations
      Judging you/others/ situations irrationally
      When it is comparison or suspicious 
Some of the powerful coping statements
Calming you
      I am in control
      They are just thoughts/ feelings
      It will pass
      Letting go
      I don’t engage my negative mood/thoughts
Motivating you
      I take responsibility for..
      I have more time/people/resource
     Nothing stops me
     It is not failure it is a feedback
Restoring your self- worth
     I trust myself
     I am just good
     It is ok to make a mistake
     I can learn something out of it
Believe you ability
     I can do it
     I can handle this/manage 
     I am confident
     I acknowledge and remember my strength
Hope for the best
     It is possible
     Let’s look what is positive in it
     I do my best
     Today is my day
     I accept myself/others/situation 
     I forgive me/other
     I don’t take it personally
     I can tolerate
Are you ready to create your own coping statements?
     Understand your problems
     Create appropriate coping statements
     Believe it this will work
     Repeat this process if it is necessary