Friday, December 12, 2008

Three step coping process

     "Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule"-Buddha

          Our personal experiences can influence our perception, appraisal of the situation and coping strategies. Under stress we do not have much thoughtful to processing information as when our lives are calm. Changing the relational meaning of what is happening is a very powerful and widely employed device for regulating stress and feelings. Self-regulation consists of learning to delay action, being aware of both what one is feeling and thinking as well as how one is presenting oneself. Our responses to stressful events are the key to successful adaptation and personal growth. The first step to coping with our life events is to aware of our own habitual reaction to the situation. The second step is to assume responsibility to engage our thinking in helpful ways. Third step will be to choose our action in appropriate manner so that we can cope with it more constructively.

3 'A'-Aware, Assume responsibility, Act

constructive action will be, check it

What is lacking in you? Each area is important to handle life events
1. Knowledge- gathers relevant information 
2. Skills – acquire needed skills
3. Objectives- take a new look, make new meaning, have clear goal and plan
4. Practice – do the daily routine such as regular exercise diet, relaxation and carryout action towards the goal/plan  
5. Social support – give receive help from others, talk to someone you trust

stress software

  • blog I have found very useful related to stress coping.

    this blog contains nice informational videos, relationship advice, communication articles and stress management guidance. 

  • This interactive software program provides information and self-assessments regarding stress and stress management. Written particularly for college and university audiences, and is also suitable the general public and for junior high and high schools. This program is free;

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  • Another intractive software shows how stress affects our body

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Resource on the web

critical thinking website 

Dr. Stephen Palmer

Dr. Ralf Schwarzer

Dr.Smith, relaxation and other tools

Dr.P.T.Wong, Meaning making

Psychometric Scales health psychology

proactive coping scale

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coping skills ppt

top three coping methods pdf

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strategies to improve your learning and performance strategies_to_improve_your_learning_and_performance.html

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

stress-serenity prayer

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change; courage to the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.”- Serenity prayer

Understanding our own stress is very difficult but it is also very important. To know more about what is controllable and what is uncontrollable see the following table,
Think! What is your mild, moderate, and major stressor?

we have mild, moderate and major stressors in our life. some can be changeable some can not change. identify what is changeable and do it what is appropriate and necessary. identify what is unchangeable and learn to accept it. we can change our attitude and response to the event but we can not change our gender, parents etc..
think about it today
what is changeable?
what you are going to do
what is unchangeable?
learn to accept it