Monday, October 6, 2008

know more about your stress

" half of the problems in life are because, we act without thinking and the rest half is because we keep thinking without acting"

Ask 4 questions

1. When? 
Source: Thinking makes it so
Life events: How you take it, 
Something happens to you and you think it is,
• Unwanted
• Undesirable
• Unacceptable
• Unpredictable
• Uncontrollable
• Unexpected
• Uncertain

2. How?  
Distress: how do you feel? 
Your thinking generate feelings
Primary emotions
• Anger
• Fear
• Worry
Secondary emotions
• Guilt
• Shame
• Envy etc..

3. Why?
Cause: what you make it 
Our personal resources is very important to handle our thinking and feelings
What is lacking in you? Each one is important to handle life events

1. Knowledge
2. Skills
3. Objectives- purpose, meaning
4. Practice
5. Social support 

4. What?
 Effects: what happen to you if you do not handle properly of your life events?
It will affect the three important domains,
• Personal – how you feel about yourself in other words how you relate with yourself, your confidence, motivation, self esteem etc..
• Inter personal – how you relate with others, withdraw, aggressive, abusive etc..
• Work/ task – how you relate meaningfully with your task  

Ask four questions
1. What you think when you upset of something?
2. How you feel when you think like that?
3. What you can do to reduce distress?
4. If not what will happen to you?

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