Monday, November 17, 2008

Stress Hardiness

“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment.”

- Tao Tzu

Hardiness, or resistance to stress
three qualities that make you hardi. check it whether you have it.cultivate the following ingredients,

Commitment: People who are high in commitment are fully involved in what they are doing and they give it their best effort--best shot. They have a curiosity about whatever is happening to them versus feelings of alienation from people or the environment.

Control: People who feel that they can influence events and surroundings, who feel that they can make things happen. They a strong sense of self-efficacy and an internal locus of control versus feelings of powerlessness or feeling like a victim of circumstances.

Challenge: People who take on life as a challenge welcome new situations for the opportunities to learn, to grow, to develop on a personal level, rather than looking at everything new as a possible threat.

path to hardiness

ability to


your thinking, feeling and acting to reach your desired, realistic goal.

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James Thomas said...

Excellent post.. I appreciate your thoughts on effective stress management!

I think that we can connect at a different level; we are both interested in tapping the inner spiritual human strength to overcome daily obstacles.

Check out my blog for some videos I've done on stress management if you are interested...

All the best,

-James T.