Sunday, January 18, 2009

Beating stress by preparing for it

"Pain is inevitable but suffering is our option"

Unpredictable, unexpected events are more stressful than predictable, expected events. We can reduce our stress by preparing in advance. Increase our awareness in the following areas will be helpful to you
1. Self- personal
2. Others- interpersonal
3. Your condition- life situations
4. External environment – government policies, economic situations, etc.

First identify what is changeable and unchangeable in the above four areas then focus your attention in the changeable one, which will help you to reduce the uncertainty. Remember the old sayings 

6 ‘p’ formula  

Ask four questions periodically

1. What are your upcoming challenges?
2. How you are going to (cope) handle?
3. What are all the personal resources you have?
4. What are all the social resources you have?

you are the master of your own, these four quetion appears to be simple but very powerful because it determine your action.

Workout on your own


elizabeth said...

excellent exercise Kumar. takes work to cope with stress doesn't it? Keep up the great posts.


kumarmahi said...

thank you for your feedback Elizabeth