Thursday, April 30, 2009

Relaxation and stress

Relaxation methods help us to deal with many kinds of stress. Since we respond to stress in a different way, we need to find our own way to relax. Stress create tension, arousal and distress, relaxation involves just the opposite, reducing tension, arousal and distress.

Relaxation involves
-increase awareness of muscle tension
-ability to control that tension
-control autonomic activity such as breathing, heart rate etc..
-ability to control cognitive activity

Relaxation training – An overview

1. Progressive or deep muscle relaxation
Helps you to let go of unnecessary muscle tension
2. Stretching or yoga
Helps your body to become more flexible and relax
3. Breathing exercises
Helps to quiet your mind and relax your body
4. Autogenic training
Focus on suggestion or image that may directed towards relaxation
5. Guided imagery
Entertain a fantasy may evokes positive feelings and relaxation
6. Meditation and mindfulness
With certain type of awareness, we fully attend our thoughts, feelings without judgment
All the above methods are very effective and require training
7. Other common methods – may not require training
Sleeping – perhaps the simplest and natural way to relax you
Having sex – refresh you
Listen to music, songs etc..
Reading, watching T.V, go for a walk
Talk to someone, socialization
Take a warm bath or shower etc..
Enjoy nature

Negative way of relaxation

You may think the following methods relaxing you but it creates opposite of relaxation and has their own negative consequences. Be aware of it!
-Alcohol, drugs etc
-Pornography, engage in sexual talk etc..
-coffee or some of the soft drinks

Relaxation techniques will be effective if

-Taught by trained professionals
-suitable to your needs and capability
-when practice become our part of everyday routine

Now find out your suitable method and relax yourself!


Elizabeth Stanfill said...

Hi Kumar,

Great post and information. Meditation, deep relaxation, yoga, and guided awareness are my favorite ways to relax.


kumarmahi said...

yes Elizabeth it works well, me too

Brate said...

Hello All, I am 32 years boy working in a multinational company. In these times of recession, company was thrusting a lot amount of work on us. It some times make me helpless, than getting over timed. And because of such a constant pressure since 4-5 months, a lot of changes (both physically and mentally) had occurred. I was loosing weight like hell. Also, sometimes I became too harsh on my family, which was one of the primary concerns to me. Also, I was feeling something wrong near my chest. My heart beats remained constantly high throughout my working hours due to high work pressure, and fear of deadlines. This makes me nervous all the time. And because of this, I was not able to concentrate fully on my work. So, this was harming all the way round. This stress is killing me everyday. And I was in no condition to leave the job. And all above this, I was not able to keep myself physically fit, which in my case may lead to loosing away the job. I took many leaves that month due to my unfit health. I was really in a very pathetic situation. And to my surprise, I came to know that many of my colleagues were facing the same problem, as the work load and stress level was diminishing everyone’s health. That became a major issue after few months. The overall performance was deteriorating. The issue was brought in the meeting of board of directors. They decided to have a corporate wellness program which would take care of the employee’s health at the corporate office itself. This decision really went up to the mark. The therapist and physicians used to take care of the minor corporate health issues. And after a week or so, the result was astonishing. The employee efficiency not only got back to normal, but boosted up by 3%. And after a quarter, it was found that the overall expense for initiating the wellness program was far less the corporate loss due to low employee efficiency. Elite health corporate wellness program ( was a boon to the company. As also, our wellness program consisted of eConsultation, which allows us to be in contact 24/7 with the experts to discuss regarding the health issues. And not only our company, many others were profited by such corporate or workplace wellness program.

Negi said...

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jojo said...

Thanks for posting this, I must admit I’ll come back to read more of your work, very informative.

Leslie Lim said...

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