Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stress? – learn to give receive help

"What really matters for success, character, happiness and life long achievements is a definite set of emotional skills - your EQ - not just purely cognitive abilities that are measured by conventional IQ tests." --Daniel Goleman, 

Interpersonal relationship is an important factor for the interpersonal stress process. Everyday stress involving frustration, conflict and demand may be more likely to produce physical or psychological fatigue. Daily interpersonal stressors that persist over several days without resolution may lead to increasing mood disturbance. Interpersonal relationship directly affects the help seeking behaviour. Pleasant social relationships increases the likelihood of seek help and decreases loneliness, whereas unpleasant social relationships reduces likelihood of get help and increased loneliness. Both the quality of social support and willingness to get help is very essential for our wellbeing. For example the following stages of our life need specific support that is essential for our healthy development and wellbeing.

Child – supportive communication from parents and teachers
Adolescents – peer acceptance and family support
Adult – assurance of worth and emotional support from significant others
Employees – support from supervisor and team members
Victims – support group such as PTSD support group

Communication is a key to give and receive help. The quality of our communication depends on the following skills,
Active listening
Empathetic understanding

How many of you willing to give and receive help? Asking help is a courageous act
Be willing and learn to give and receive help. We can make this world more comfortable place to live!

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