Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nature of thinking, feeling and acting

“You can not always control circumstances. But you can control your thoughts”.- Charles Poplestone

Thinking, feeling and acting are reciprocal in nature. Each one influences and influenced by other two.

1. Our usual thinking will be;
• Inference about the event
• Imagination
• Fantasy thinking
• Solution about the problem etc…
• Slow in nature

This in turn will produce situation specific emotions
Consider this example
You are ideally sitting in your room. No one is around you.
 What will be of your thinking and feeling?
Feel boring, imagine something 

2. When we encounter stressful situation, if the situation is uncertain, 
Speed up our thought
Negative in nature
Thought will produce mixture of emotions.

Consider this example
You are waiting in the interview room. Your heart bounce, you feel uncomfortable, etc
You think about the result or consequences
You feel anxious, worry 

If you waiting for a long time and heard some one was already selected by the interviewer 
Probably you feel anger 

In our day today routine if you practice relaxation, meditation, exercise and dietary habits, it will help you to think and feel better. But if you have unfinished business in your mind or under extreme stress, it will not allow you to relax, meditate or follow daily routine. It is necessary handling of our thinking and feeling before it disturb you, otherwise it will disturb you! 

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